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A lot of Japanese surfing related websites can be found on the net, showing just how much the Japanese love their surfing. Check below for a list of Japan surfing websites – most of which are in Japanese, although some do have english translations. Featured links are listed below. Let us know of any sites you think should be listed here and we’ll put them up for you. Likewise, if you find any dead links, pop us off an email and we’ll take it off the list. Thanks!

Japansurf Thanks

Happy Surfing Okinawa
Hata Surf Dojo

Web Cameras

Surfboard Makers

CHP Surfboards
Pacific Surf Craft
DropOut Surfboards
Aloha Surfboards Japan
Justice Surfboards

Wetsuit Makers

Cybershield Wetsuits
Jetz Wetsuits
Dove Surfing Wetsuits
Zero Wetsuits
Tutto Wetsuits
Noise Wetsuits
Breakerout Wetsuits
XCEL Wetsuits Japan

Surfing Schools

Hata Surf Dojo

Other Organisations / Links

ASP Japan Tour
Nippon Surfing Association
Japan Professional Surfing Association
Tokushima Surfing Association
Surfrider Japan

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