Survey underway for Wavegarden’s construction of surf pools in Japan

August 29th, 2023

A full-scale surfing wave pool by Wavegarden, a company that started in the UK and Spain and is now also operating in Australia, Brazil and South Korea and now eyeing potential sites in Japan.

Those interested in the Wavegarden facility are encouraged to take part in the survey (see link below)

Overview of Wavegarden’s pool facility

The facility under construction is a full-scale surf wave pool equipped with Wavegarden’s wavemaking device, The Cove.

The area occupied by the facilities varies according to their specifications, but the main pool size is 160 m in length, and in other countries, restaurants and clubhouses are attached to the facilities. Some, such as in South Korea (currently under development), are being developed as tourist and leisure facilities, including accommodation.

While the detailed specifications of the wave-making system in Japan are still being finalised, the riding time per wave is expected to be about 16 seconds.

The number of rides per hour (one session) will be around 10 per person, but this will vary depending on the type of session and how crowded it is.

The current status of construction plans in Japan is that several candidate sites have already been identified in the Kanto and Kansai regions. Currently, the project is in the process of securing final funding and conducting research with surfers from all over Japan.

The content of the questionnaire includes the level of interest in wave pools for surfing, the price range for using the pools, the distance from home and the services they would like to expect.

Access the form here
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