Crystal clear clean waves

Niijimia is one of the islands in the Izu Island chain.

Niijima offers some great beach break waves when the time is right – especially during the summer months, when it is invaded by hordes of young party animal Japanese guys and girls looking for a good time away from the mainland. You can be guaranteed to score some great little offshore barrels when this place fires up. Best wave direction is from the south. Best access to the Island is to get a cheap flight from Haneda Airport or the ferry service.

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Niijima Featured Breaks

Just a few of the many great surf spots in Niijima.


Beach / Rock

Located on the northern part of Niijima. Only accessible by car. Rocky cliffs and barrels galore.

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A seven kilometer stretch of crystal clear water, home to many of the islands surfing competitions.

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Niijima Surf Shops

Surf Shops based in Niijima area.

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