Here’s your daily dose of amazingly fun Japanese waves -Kaifu Rivermouth in Tokushima.

Kaifu Rivermouth on the island of Shikoku has always been known as the place to be when the Summer typhoons roll in from the south each year.

Check out this amazing drone footage of Kaifu on a fun day.

Kaifu is a long hollow right. The competition is fierce and the locals are well.. very local.  I’ve surfed there many times and haven’t found too much problem with the hardcore locals, as long as you respect them and don’t go straight out to the top of the lineup.

It can get quite shallow and packs quite a punch compared to other waves around Japan.

Here’s a satellite image from Google Maps of the famed rivermouth:

Getting there many years ago used to be a chore, but with the highway through Shikoku now giving quicker access to the Kansai folks, it’s never been easier or quicker to get to this amazing surf spot.