Surfing’s first Olympic Games appearance will take place at Tsurigasaki Beach, in Chiba prefecture, between Kujukuri and Ichinomiya, and at the southern end of the Kujukuri Beach. The Japanese surf break gets 180-degree (NE to SE) swells from the Pacific Ocean.

The Olympic surfing competition will feature 40 surfers – 20 male, and 20 female athletes – from several nations. There will only be a shortboard division.

Chiba Prefecture’s Kujukuri-Sotobo district is well known for:

  • Facing the Pacific Ocean with waves suitable for surfing competitions throughout the year.
  • Numerous international surfing competitions are already held in this area.
  • The area is called the Kujukuri Beach, which stretches for about 60 kilometers, and is one of the best-known sand beaches in Japan.